Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan

What permeates the mind (internal), manifests within the body (external). Likewise, what permeates the body will manifest within the mind. If we consciously pursue deliberate, graceful movements with our body, our mind and emotions will follow suit

Everything that lives has within it constructive and destructive forces that cause the essence of life to materialize, and perpetuate at its own rhythm. A cycle of change that is influenced by, and is as evident as the changing of the seasons; the Chinese call it Tao, which when understood and accepted, allow our existence to blossom throughout our lifetime.

The Yin Yang symbol is a representation of this rhythm, signifying the relationship of the opposite powers in motion.

Tai Chi, which literally translates to “Supreme Ultimate” is the mother of Yin and Yang and describes the motion of this rhythm; the transition from Yin to Yang, and Yang to Yin.

The Classics say ‘In motion it separates; in stillness they fuse. It is not excessive or deficient; accordingly when it bends, it then straightens’.

T’ai Chi relates to the origin of everything; the ultimate nature of everything in this universe.