Open Class


Martial Arts are part of a much larger system, which intends to integrate our energetic and physical awareness.

Synthesizing movements, practices and exercises from Ashtanga Yoga, Capoiera de Angola, QiGong, Hsing Yi, and Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate, the primary objectives are to promote motor, social and perceptual development in a supportive, nurturing environment whilst instilling a system of classical methods of self-healing and defense.

The results are power, strength, grace, flexibility and increased awareness.


“In times of peace Karate (Martial Arts) should be pursued for its non-utilitarian purpose, such as the training of the mind. However during times of lawlessness one can use their body to defeat an adversary.”

Miyagi Chojun, 1934 “An Outline of Karate-doh”

“As nature is in constant motion, so to should one seek to strengthen themselves without interruption.”

I Ching

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